Collection: Heart & Cupid cut Diamond

The name “Heart & Cupid” was inspired by the eight heart shapes visible on the pavilion side of the stone and the eight arrow shapes on the crown side. 

Cutting and polishing are the only artificial processes that can be applied to a stone if it is to retain its classification as a natural diamond. There are many cut patterns, but optical science states that the "round brilliant cut" provides the most brilliance. This cut's even proportion and careful finish (its symmetry and polish) result in a truly brilliant stone.

While a stone's proportion can be expressed as a numerical figure, its symmetry is measured by a more subjective standard. For this reason, it can be difficult even for diamond dealers to grasp the standard for symmetry. We have developed a method for gauging the light refracted from a cut diamond that can be easily understood by the average consumer. The Heart & Cupid method uses images to show what constitutes symmetry in a cut stone.

All Heart & Cupid Diamond product accompany with a Gems Identification Report, a namecard size card displays Heart & Cupid cut diamond, Caret size and Gold material.